The Processes

Web scraping is a technique that extracts information or automatically collecting information from the web. Web scraping can be used to convert unstructured data on the web, usually in HTML format, into structured data. This makes it easier to store it in a centralized database or spreadsheet.

Data mining, on the other hand, involves determining patters in large data sets using a mix of techniques like artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database systems. The primary aim of data mining is to extract information from any data set and convert it into structured data for better understanding. It is a closely-related process to Web scraping, only a lot more advanced. Data mining involves not only a raw, initial analysis of data but also includes the concepts of database management, data pre-processing, post-processing of discovered structures, model and interface considerations, complexity considerations and a lot more disciplines. The tasks involved in data mining are anomaly detection, association rule learning, clustering, classification, regression, and summarization.

Small or Big Data needs

Data Collection, Data Validation and Data Analysis Helping you stay ahead of competition.

One Time Service

Addressing to your single ad-hoc requirement of data from a particular websource or a pool of sites, delivered to you in one go.

Regular Service

Reaching you with Daily, Weekly or Monthly data for quick decision making, follow trends and tracking competition.

Enterprise service

Custom, CMS or e-commerce websites, we have done it all. We create impressive looking websites that help in SEO, have no recurring costs and are easy to maintain too.