Data Minig Services

What is Data Mining

Data mining is a powerful technology to extract of hidden predictive information from large databases. Data Mining helps companies or individual extracting most important information from their data warehouses. With the help of Data Mining, it is possible to predict future trends and behaviors, enabling to take result oriented decision proactively for your business. Now a days, almost all companies are using Data Mining techniques to collect and refine a massive quantities of data for their business growth and it can be rapidly implemented on existing software and hardware platforms to enhance the value of existing information resources.

Data Mining Services at Web-Parsing

Web-Parsing provides world class, affordable and quality Data Mining services to our clients globally. Our data mining services helps our clients to speed up information development, taking proactive key business decisions, Reviving their brand image, Improving their product/ service features; implementing effective marketing strategies and lastly improving client relations.

At Web-Parsing, we follow standard Data Mining practices of classification, regression, clustering and associated rules of Data Mining services. We approach each project as a unique venture and ensure the highest level of security for your data and all work carried out within the Web-Parsing infrastructure. We are offering services like:

    Scanning of large volumes of data
    Data extraction
    Pre-processing of data from your warehouse
    Meta-data extraction
    Online data mining services
    Online newspaper and news sources information research
    Spreadsheet presentations of data collected from online sources
    Competitor analysis
    Data mining books
    Data interpretation
    Updating collected data